Colon hydrotherapy is the method of washing out impacted waste and gas from the large intestine with filtered water. This method uses the natural flow of gravity to introduce water into the body. In gravity colonics the focus is on the outflow rather than the input of water. The natural peristaltic motion is stimulated, almost like you are taking your colon to the gym. The other method of colon hydrotherapy using machines elongate the colon, which is not natural and can cause serious problems down the road.  


Western diets can leave residue that will decompose over time and disrupt the balance of intestinal flora, resulting in the overgrowth of unwanted bacteria, yeasts and fungus. This leads to gas and bloating. During a colonic session, we will release the gas and accompanying bloating.

Eliminate Bloating

Retaining waste in your colon can cause seasonal, food and pet allergies. Emptying and cleaning out the colon will increase and sometimes even eliminate the allergy symptoms and give you back more freedom and well being in your daily life.

Relieve Allergies

The skin is the largest detoxing organ in the body. When we hold toxins in our intestines, they begin to come out through the skin. This can show up as acne, pimples, blemishes and rashes. By cleaning out the colon from acidity and mucus, your skin will start glowing again from inside.

Glowing Skin

A colonic is like a workout for your large intestine. The pumping and  massage during the session will help to stimulate release, helping you with improved bowel movements, strengthening your digestion and elimination process.

Eliminate Constipation

Stop living with excess waste and toxins in the colon! This is what prevents you from achieving the flat stomach you desire. Clear the waste and toxins, create good flora and strong digestion. Together with a clean diet this will lead to satisfying body goals in a  long term.

Flatter Stomach

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