HEY Guys, I am Sophie

My life on the flying Yoga Mat


Hey, my name is Sophie Prana already when I was a kid I was playing travel agency, making up languages and travels to foreign countries. 

With 16 years I left my parents to travel to South America and finish High School there, diving into a different culture and language on the other side of the globe. I studied International Hotel Management in order to make my passion to my job, yet, the life in the big hotel chains was not what I was aiming for.

With 25 years I opened my first restaurant, simply because I was into vegetarian and vegan food for a long time and could not find the food I liked anywhere in Vienna. I started with one restaurant Salon Wichtig and people went crazy for the thai-style curries and soups I offered. My second Soup Bar followed; but guess what: the more stability, business and financial success came into my life the more unhappy my soul became. The gypse within in me needed to go on, to pack the bags and start traveling all over again. So I sold my businesses and left my shocked friends and parents behind, looking for deeper purposes of life.


Of course Yoga had to cross my path and very quickly I knew: I love this! Trainings in Europe, Asia and the US gave me a profund insight of movement, philosophy and teaching skills and I am the most happiest girl to call myself a traveling teacher for more than 4 years now. I have the coolest job in the world and I can work barefoot. 

Now a days I share my passion for healthy food with the Vegan Caterings, which I host mainly for Yoga Events, Teacher Trainings and Raw Food Conventions. Food is passion and joy, I like to keep the process simple and the taste of the ingredients as pure as possible.

I am vegetarian since 17 years, vegan for four and now in the self-experiment to a raw-food lifestyle. 

Always remember: you are the only person being responsible for your happiness.
It is never too late to change anything in your life !

I share my daily food and body work experiences with you on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. I am looking forward for your input and feedback. 

Fruity Greetings,


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