The Tantric Penis Massage


More and more I am realising how little most of the women look and feel into their own sexual desires and also the ones of their partners. Open communication about preferences, traumas and many sexual issues are hardly or never talked through but left aside because of shame and insecurities. Growing as a couple and building sustainability in a relationship needs a profound base of honesty and openness especially in sexual topics. Out of insecurities, disillusions of a fake porn-world and ignorance man might be very Ego driven in bed, having the perception to achieve or perform while love making. The tantric Penis Massage, so called Lingam Massage creates a space for the man to let go, to surrender in exctasy without doing anything - building up trust and learning how to receive. This Massage is not about coming or ejaculating, this is a profund healing method for mind, body and soul of both, the giver and the receiver of the massage.


There is no talking during the massage

No ejaculation during this massage

The man does not touch or kiss the woman during this massage

A tantric massage without coming?! That might sound weird to many of you because there are so many wrong pictures of tantric practices stuck in the peoples mind. The essence of a massage is to heal, to create body awareness simply by being touched, by using oils and different techniques of rubbing, pressing or pulling. With the help of breath work and a lot of awareness the Lingam Massage can help to transport the strong sexual energy from the second Chakra up to higher vibrating chakras in the heart and head region. The Massage also helps to loosen and open up the muscles, facia tissue and glands of the genital area, which leads to trauma release, deep relaxation and wellbeing. Touch each other more! Breath together! Get to know each other on new deep levels, there is so much to experience in partnership, so much to learn from each other if you only dare to open up.

AND HOW CAN A PENIS MASSAGE SAFE MY RELATIONSHIP? Getting borred in a realtionship?! Perhaps you haven´t tried hard enough to change something… Don´t be afraid of touching your partner, of asking questions, of experimenting, close your eyes and start feeling, stop thinking it to death. Take the time to get closer with love and faith and you might lift your partnership to unknown levels intimacy. Where there is love, there is nothing else.

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