The Yoni Egg Practice, how to exercise with your Yoni Egg


Are you also the proud owner of a Yoni egg? I already have two because I appreciate the different healing aspects of the Yoni Eggs. There are many ways to practice with these ancient tools increasing the sexual pleasure and strengthening the pelvic floor. I put the most basic exercises in this article and recorded a video about it also for you.


Boil the egg in water to clean it and repeated this whenever your egg starts to smell or gets really dirty. The last think you want is an egg full of germs in your vagina.

Attach a string out of wax-free flask to the drill so can easily pull the egg out.

Here are three of my favorite Yoni Egg Excercise, yet if this is overwhelming for you in the beginning it is always enough to just sit with your egg inserted and breath in Lotus Position for 5-10 minutes and connect with your womb, your second chakra, the temple of femininity.


Keep the egg next to you, start first with a massage.

Beginn in a relaxed position on your back to massage your belly and groin. You can spread your legs and start massaging your thighs and lower back, hips and breast. Take your time, come into the flow with yourself, connect to your breath.


Come to a relaxed position on your back, open your legs. Take the Yoni egg with two fingers and start massaging the entrance of your vagina in circles. Use with the bold side of the egg. Visualize how you suagen the egg now with your vagina, we have the muscles abilities to do that but most of us have lost them.

Slowly insert the egg (on the exhale to relax more) with the bold side. Try to saugen the egg up. Breath slowly and consciously through your nose, in and out.

Excercise 1)

Bring the feet on the mat, close to your butt, press your hands into the mat. On the inhale start lifting your hips slightly. Start moving your hips clock wise for fifteen times , then change the direction. Slowly rest your hips and lower back on the floor. Start again for another two rounds.

Keep your face relaxed, smile at your self, breath into your pelvic floor to release the tension you are holding there.

Excercise 2 )

This is Cat-Cow with your Yoni egg. Come on all for, keep your knees together and your hands shoulder-wide apart. Wrists in one line with your shoulders, shoulder-gurdle open. On the inhale curl in, chin to your chest, rounded spine and visualize how you are pulling the yoni egg up, deep into your vagina. Exhale, shift the body weight forwards and look up, bend your spine, suck your navel torwards your spine. Repeat for 20 times.

Excerscie 3 )

Sit in Lotus or cross-leged position, bring your breath and awareness to your second chakra, feel the yoni egg sitting in your vagina, feel it touching the walls. Close your eyes and imagine you are holding your pee, squeeze and lift the rectal and vaginal area. squeeze as much as you can hold for 5-10 breath and release. Feel how the genital region is closing when you squeeze and how you start to lift your egg inside you. Repeat for 5 minutes (daily is recommendable for weak pelvic floor).

There is no need to do these exercise in a certain order. You do what ever feels good for you in the present moment. Be patient and kind to yourself.

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